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why won’t anyone run away with me…

Passion Prevails

Passionate people WILL do things others say are impossible

Knowledgeable people Know how to, yet put it off for another day

Everything may fall apart
But when the day turns dark
And the world around me starts to tire
I spark fire

I’m trapped in an isolated hell
And now I’m stuck under a spell
… I’m starting to believe this cannot end well

I don’t want to feel this way anymore.
But I just don’t want to live anymore either.

I often terrorize myself
Until I paralyze myself
It’s not good for my own mental health


Life will never make you happy
Only your attitude may

So remember every day
To breathe
And see
The hidden beauty

i don’t even know what it is im afraid of
But I am so scared

Chanel is my war paint

I may be full of demons but I shall become a saint

Reality is everything but me

But my contradictory personality

Is the intrepidity inside of me

And I will not become something I ain’t

tell the devil
thanks for punching me
i only fell forwards
– Mac Lethal